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the derma bar™


Our services have you covered from head to toe.

welcome to THE DERMA BAR

Our Services

The Derma Bar™ provides a range of services to keep you looking your best and feeling confident. Our team of professionals are masters of their work and are always available to answer any questions you have before, during, or after any of our appointments.

Not sure what service you need? Contact us to book your free 30-minute consultation with us and we can recommend the service/s best suited for you.

Explore our services below!







Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique, typically done once every 3-4 weeks. We use a surgical blade that gently glides across the face, removing the dead skin as well as the vellus hair on the face (also known as “peach fuzz”). Contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back thicker as no contact is made with the root of the hair follicle.


Approx. 45 Minutes

Add: Chemical Peel + $45
Add: Extractions + $25
Add: Red/Blue Light Therapy + $10
Add: Mask (suited to your skin needs) + $35

HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that can be given in as little as 30 minutes. It delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation. The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

Signature HydraFacial – $150
A deep cleanse, extract and hydrates the skin with our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Recommended for all skin types, colour and concerns.

Age Refinement Deluxe HydraFacial – $210
This facial includes all the essentials of our Signature HydraFacial but specifically focuses on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Radiance Deluxe HydraFacial – $220
Includes all the essentials of our Signature HydraFacial and targets to minimize the appearance of dark spots.

Clarifying Deluxe HydraFacial – $225
This facial includes the essentials of our Signature HydraFacial but is extended to extract and include blue LED therapy to remove congestion.

Restorative Deluxe HydraFacial – $245
This incredible facial includes all the essentials of our Signature HydraFacial while address certain skin concerns through our HydraFacials boosters.

Approx. 30-45 Minutes

GREEN PEEL® is a medically developed natural peeling method, using 100% natural active ingredients. The herbal peeling method contains NO chemical active substances that irritate the skin. The treatment optimizes the skin’s functions internally, regenerating the skin’s condition by increasing the iron content, cell renewal resulting in healthy and rejuvenated skin. Skin is treated with natural herbs, circulating blood and opening pores allowing the skin to absorb all the natural ingredients. Not suitable for patients who are pregnant, nursing, or on Accutane within the last year.  

GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up (Level 1) – $125
This is the quick beautifier giving a fresh kick without peeling effect. Ideal for tired skin and effective in the prevention of aging skin and loss of tightness. This treatment can be done once a week.

GREEN PEEL® Energy (Level 2) – $225

This is the medium strength peel giving a fresh kick with little to o peeling. Ideal for tired skin and effective in prevention of aging skin and loss of tightness. This treatment can be done once every two weeks.

GREEN PEEL® Classic (Level 3) – $425

This is the most intensive of the peel’s and has a renewal peeling effect allowing your skin to regenerate. This peel includes a two step process: your initial treatment at the salon with a take-home skin care kit and a second, follow up treatment facial, required five days after. This treatment can be done once a month. Note: The price includes both salon treatments and the take-home kit.

Spray tanning is the safest and healthiest way to tan. It gives the same result as tanning in the sun, but minus all the damages that come with it. Tanning in the sun and tanning beds, increases the risk of skin cancer, as well as damage the skin it’s self due to the harmful UV rays. With our spray tan technician, Christina, will have you looking your best and bronzed.


Approx. 30 Minutes

Your smile helps you connect to others and share happy moments—don’t hide it away! Our teeth whitening service is fast and easy with guaranteed results. Check out our Instagram for some amazing before-and-after photos!

$99.99 1hr/session

Approx. 60 Minutes

Our waxologist, Teresa, is a certified waxer who strives in making her clients, comfortable and hair free. In our salon, we use both hard and soft wax for the different areas, depending on sensitivity. Our main priority is sanitation. No glove? Then no love! We are very strict with hand hygiene, gloves and never double dip.

Upper Lip – $5

Hand, Nose, or Underarms – $10

Bikini Line, Buttocks, Shoulders or Neck – $15

Half Arms – $20

Full Arms, Stomach, Full Face, or Half Leg – $25

Brazilian or Chest – $30

Full Back – $35

Full Leg – $45

Brow Tint – $10

Beard Line Up – $20
For men who experience excessive ingrown hairs after shaving or hair removal. This service can include the neck area beneath the under if desired.

Full Body Package – $100
Includes legs, thighs, brazilian, stomach (if desired), underarms and arms.

Mother/Daughter Package – $170
Includes both mother and daughter; Both appointments must be booked at the same date and time.

Bring a Friend Package – $80pp
Book a full body wax with a friend and get $20 off!

Times Vary


Botox and fillers are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and for good reason. They’re both highly effective at reducing the signs of aging without invasive surgery.

Botox is injected into the skin, where it temporarily freezes muscles to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Not only can it reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, it can actually be used as a preventative treatment to slow or stop the development of new lines!

Like Botox, dermal fillers are injected into the skin. They’re used to add back some of the volume and fullness that skin loses in certain areas due to aging. Are you concerned with thin lips, shadows/wrinkles under the eye or recessed scars? Let’s talk about how fillers can help.

Contact us today and we’ll schedule you a consultation with our Toronto Medical Doctor to discuss which options are best for you!

Please note: Exact pricing is not available, as we carry a variety of different product. This is discussed upon your appointment.

The natural order of life is that skin changes as it gets older. It starts to loose its elastin and collagen, which are the skins properties to looking younger, tighter and more radiant. Our collagen and elastin production slows down 65% between the ages of 20 and 80. We use micro-needling to help reproduce, and restore our body’s own collagen and elastin.

Please read our FAQ’s and contraindications before booking an appointment.

Face – $199
24-Karat collagen-infused mask included (add neck area for +$50)
2 Sessions – $300
4 Sessions – $550
6 Sessions – $800

Lower Abdominal – $300
2 Sessions – $400
4 Sessions – $1000
6 Sessions – $1400

Décolléte – $150
2 Sessions – $250
4 Sessions – $550
6 Sessions – $750

Hips – $350
2 Sessions – $500
4 Sessions – $800
6 Sessions – $1100

Body Scars ($150)
2 Sessions – $220
4 Sessions – $500
6 Sessions – $750

Approx. 60 Minutes

Nano-needling is a great procedure for all skin types. It is an effective alternative to the Micro-dermabrasion facial. It removes the surface layer of the skin, and helps create smoother, healthier and brighter complexion.

Please read our FAQ’s and contraindications before booking an appointment.


Approx. 60 Minutes

Plasma Fibroblast also known as Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR) is a non invasive advanced skin tightening treatment. It is a great way to tighten any loose and/or stretched skin, wrinkles and atrophic scarring.

Please read our FAQ’s and contraindications before booking an appointment.

Face Wrinkle Reduction – Forehead Lines – $400
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Frown Lines – $200
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Upper Eye Lids – $600

Face Wrinkle Reduction – Lower Eye Lids – $400
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Crows Feet – $200
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Tear Troughs – $600
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Nasolabial Fold – $300
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Upper Lip – $300
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Lower Lip – $300
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Jaw Line – $500
Face Wrinkle Reduction – Marionette Line – $200
Body Wrinkle Reduction – Tummy – $850
Body Wrinkle Reduction – Neck & Décolleté – $1100
Acne Scars – $250
Scar Reduction – $280
Stretch Marks – $500
Skin Tags – $40
Plasma Package – Upper Eye Lids – $850
Plasma Package – Lower Eye Lids – $850
Plasma Package – Full Face – $2000
Plasma Package – Skin Tags (Full) – $250
Plasma Package – Upper & Lower Lips (Including Smile Line) – $650

Times Vary


IV Vitamin Therapy will leave you feeling hydrated, energized and completely restored in as little as 45 minutes! Intravenous is the fastest and most effective way to deliver hydration, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your body, with 100% absorption.

Perfect to get your body functioning at its peak and to help you recover from illness, hangovers and burnout.

The Derma Bar™ Drip – $120
Infused with powerful antioxidant, and vitamins, The Derma Bar™ Drip is formulated to restore, revive and maximize your hydration levels. Our hydration bag will leave you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. Suited for: dehydration, jet lag, overall health and wellness

The Derma Bar Revive & Recover – $165
Revive and recover with one of The Derma Bar™’s most powerful bag. Including many powerful amino acids such as L-Taurine, N Acyetyl L Cysteine, our R&R bag is formulated to help athletes recover. It has properties used to help with reforming red blood cell formation, regulating muscle contractions, helps detoxify, electrolyte balance, restoring insulin levels and much more!  Suited for: athletes, individuals who are physically active, overall health and wellness

The Derma Bar™ Glow – $170
Introducing you to our glow bag, or should we say our “glow-tathione” bag. Your glow starts from within! Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants that aids in fighting free radicals. The Derma Bar™ Glow bag is designed to support and restore your skins elasticity, hyperpigmentation and immunity, giving it the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong. Suited for: client’s who want to glow, maintain/restore their hair, skin and nails, skin lightening, overall health and wellness

The Derma Bar™ Remedy – $195 
The bag everyone’s been looking for… the hangover bag! The Derma Bar™ Remedy bag is formulated to eliminate an upset and irritated stomach. Providing you with the best amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, The Derma Bar™ Remedy bag will rehydrate, restore, revive, and help one recover from an ill like feeling. Suited for: hangovers, immune boosting, food poisoning, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), nauseous/ill feeling and overall health and wellness

B12 Shot – $25
For a quick boost when you need to be in and out of the salon in a few minutes.

Times Vary

There are many options when it comes to reducing the visible signs of aging, but Sculptra is different. Sculptra is an injectable cosmetic filler that can be used to restore facial volume lost due to aging or illness. It contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production.

Sculptra is a minimally invasive treatment that helps to gradually restore your youthful appearance with natural-looking and long-lasting results. Sculptra is not a quick fix – it provides subtle results over time.

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), the main component of Sculptra, begins to work within the deep dermis (underlying skin) to gradually replace lost collagen. PLLA is biocompatible and biodegradable (absorbed naturally by the body).

Temple Hollows – $1,500
Cheek Hollows – $1,500
Nasolabial Folds – $1,500
Cheek Depressions – $1,500
Marionette Lines – $1,500
Chin Folds / Wrinkles – $1,500

Times Vary