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Teeth Whitening Stand-Up LED Light

$ 350.00

The Derma Bar Teeth Whitening LED light offers the newest type of whitening technology based on the strong LED light and whitening acceleration. By the character of nanometer pellet on the surface and the light composition, it activates and accelerates the gel application at low temperatures. Our LED lights are used as part of The Derma Bar Teeth Whitening System and can only be used in conjunction with one of the gel formulas.
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  • Description

    Product Description

    The Light Includes:

    • Adjustable Power Modes
    • Adjustable Times Settings
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Voltage: 100-230VAC
    • Frequency 50-60Hz
    • Light Size 33*74mm2
    • Operation Time: 0-30 Min
    • Multiple LED Light Colours Including Blue, Red, And Purple
    • Lasts 80,000 Hours

    Three Light Modes: 

    • Blue Light Is For Accelerating The Gel Decomposition
    • Purple Light, Some Of The Special Teeth Whitening Gel Needs The Purple Light
    • Red Light Can Increase The Activity Of Cells, Promote Cell Metabolism, Accelerate Blood
      Circulation, To Eliminate The Effect Of Inflammation Of The Treatment

    Other Features:

    • High-Efficiency Wall Conjoined Sliding Structural Design, Adjust The Angle Freely And Convenient To Use
    • A Multi-Functional High-Sensitivity Touch Electronic Display, Easy Operation
    • The User Can Select The Time Needed According To The Desired Treatment
    • In The Case Of Not Working, The Machine Will Go To Sleep Automatically After 60 Seconds
    • Enclosed Disposable Sheath, Prevent Cross-Infection, Clean And Convenient, Let Patients Feel Relieved
    • Simple, Light And Handy Molding Design
    • Freely To Adjust To Any Angle Position
    • Unique Semi-Circular Head Design, Both Arches Whitened At The Same Time